Saturday, September 25, 2010

Angie's Wedding

Angie, Tim's sister, and Ryan are finally married. The wedding was short, simple and pleasant. Congrats to them.

K-2 here they come

Ryker and Riley started preschool at the Calvary Chapel and they love it. The unfortunate part is Ryker has been in trouble twice now. Once for using his hands aggressively towards other kids and Riley and the second time for biting and attempting to bite three other kids. Other than that, they both love going to school.

Time passes

Gage is now in 8th grade and Trei is in 6th grade.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

The Hansen's household is always eventful with 4 little boys + 1 big boy. We started off our Easter adventures by searching for the Easter bunny a couple weeks ago at the mall. We didn't have any success. Our next adventure was coloring eggs with Ryker and Riley for the 1st year. Ryker was so excited that he practically thru the first egg in the green dye splashing it everywhere. It is a good thing that daddy had a great idea for the left over box to help contain the spills. Riley had to make sure all color containers had an egg in them at all times. When we put stickers on all the eggs, Ryker thought it was so cool to take the stickers off the eggs we decorated and put them all over his face and body. It is crazy with two - 2 year olds. I know they are in Halloween shirts. I am not confused with my holidays, but they are the only shirts I didn't care if they got stained. The Easter Bunny hid plastic eggs filled with candy all over the house and in the back yard. Ryker and Riley felt it was necessary that every egg they gathered they needed to immediately eat the candy out of the egg. Gage and Trei got about 15 pairs of socks each, a new pair of shorts and lots of candy. Ryker was probably most excited about his new mini skateboards and Riley was most excited about his Sponge Bob basket that he wore as a hat.

Silly hat man

You could possibly say that Riley is a little obsessed with hats. In this adventure, he thought it would be perfect to find every single one of his hats and put on top of his head. He not only had his hats but I think he had a couple of his dad's hats.
This is what happens when you give Riley the opportunity to dress himself.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town!

These are our cheese ball kids that think they are Santa Claus. They look pretty good, don't you think?